WooToApp is rebranding.

In the last few months, WooToApp has been through amazing growth!  Hundreds of people have downloaded our demo apps and been in touch to let us know what we can add or change. Sometimes it’s not all good though.

So what’s up?

I’ve been approached by Automattic (owners of WooCommerce) and asked not to use “Woo” in the name of our native app solution for WooCommerce.  I love WooCommerce and it’s super important to stay on the right side of the team (and the law, kinda).

I’m getting on the front foot and changing both the platform name and branding to make clearer use of the WooCommerce brand mark, and open WooToApp up to our other potential future uses. It’s a blessing in disguise, and a good problem to have (the big guys noticed us!)

Down the road, I’ll be expanding the reach of the platform to create mobile apps for Shopify and Magento too. It’ll be as easy as a few clicks to get your native app delivered and ready for your customers.

What have you been up to?

Behind the scenes, I’ve been very busy. I’ve overhauled the whole platform to be far more secure using token based authentication to keep your API keys secure from even the app source code. We’ve built out our caching layer to ensure multiple users in the same location will receive lightning fast responses from our servers. We’ve rolled out dozens of bug fixes from our early beta testers.

What’s it called now?

So, onward and upward! We are now NativeStore. NativeStore will provide downloadable App Store and Play Store apps for your WooCommerce store, extending to Shopify and Magento soon. After the rebrand is complete, I’ll be rolling out the end-to-end custom app wizard.

The existing WooToApp product will soon become NativeStore for WooCommerce and we’ll shortly be live at https://nativestore.app.  Everything will continue to work as before (including this domain name), you’ll just notice our logos and branding slowly change to remove the Woo mark.

Our Incredible Journey

We haven’t been bought or sold, and there’s no incredible journey to speak of yet. Just back to work on the best mobile app for WooCommerce 🙂

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