Turn your WooCommerce Store into an iPhone App

We’ve been slogging away lately working through the App Store submission process and we’ve got some good news! WooToApp is now available on the App Store so you can turn your WooCommerce store into an iPhone App.

It’s been the most highly requested feature so far. We’ve been working away on our iPhone app in private testing forever but now it’s official.

Download WooToApp Store for WooCommerce – iOS

How much does it cost to turn a WooCommerce Store into an iPhone app?

Whether you sell 10 products on your store or 10000, WooToApp has pricing plans to suit your business now and into the future. Loading your data into our demo app is free-forever and super easy. When you’re happy, sign up for a paid plan. The cheapest paid plan is $49/mo, which we think is a great price even for tiny businesses.

How hard is it?

It’ll take about 5 minutes of reading and about 5 minutes of work. You need to create a set of WooCommerce API keys, fill out a short form, and download the app (iPhone, Android). It’s even easier if you just install the plugin, simply allow us access to your API keys and it’s done..

From there, just upgrade to a paid plan and we’ll get started building and submitting your app to the stores.

What features does it have?

  • This is why we’ve been working so hard! There’s multiple payment gateways built in and other external integrations.
  • We’ve built a design configurator so you can skin your app in one sitting, choosing colours and schemes and updating in real time.
  • We’ve been testing with both enterprise grade and shared hosting providers to make sure the app is performant no matter what the back-end.
  • We’ve built a push notification platform so you can keep the relationship active with your users, telling them about your sales and reminding them to come back often.
  • We’re still actively working on WooToApp, releasing new builds on average every week. This means we’re on top of industry trends and your app will always be at the front of the field.

What are you waiting for? Turn your WooCommerce Store into an iPhone app.

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