WooCommerce: Sending Push Notifications to your mobile app

WooToApp has simple functionality built in for you to send push notifications to your mobile app users. The notifications can be scheduled to send at any time, and go out to all of your customers.

Ideally, you might coordinate this with a marketing campaign including Facebook promotion, email marketing, and artwork changes on your website.

(If you don’t know what WooToApp is, we build native mobile apps for WooCommerce stores)

Making sure everything’s ready

First you need to make sure you’ve got the demo app installed on your device, with your store loaded up so you can test (instructions are the same for the paid app).

Second, you need to make sure you’ve got the WooToApp plugin installed, configured, and enabled on your WooCommerce website.

Finding the push notifications panel

Sign in to your website admin panel (/wp-admin) and click “Settings” under WooCommerce.

Click “WooToApp” to load up WooToApp settings, and hit the “Push Notifications” tab.

Find WooToApp Settings in WooCommerce

The push notifications panel

Here’s where you can send push notifications to your customers. It’s important to spend some time in here before you’ve rolled out your mobile app so you’re completely comfortable with the options available, including scheduling.

(Note: If you’ve got a staging/test WooCommerce site, you can generate another set of WooToApp keys for that, so you’ve always got somewhere to test!)

The WooToApp Push Notifications Panel

Creating the push notification

First up, enter a title to your push notification. You don’t have to add one — it tends to just take away room from your notification body anyway.

Next, enter the notification body. It’s a good idea to keep track of notifications you get sent so you get a feel for the correct language and style to use. Don’t forget you can use emojis here, which can help to draw your customers eye and potentially lead them to visit your sale or promotion. Here’s an article you can check out if you need some inspiration.

Push Notification Comparison- Apple to Android

When are we sending it?

If you’d like it to go out straight away, hit “Send Now”. As soon as this hits our servers we’ll start pushing out the notifications.

If you want to schedule, choose a date and a time from the dropdown. Note this is UTC/GMT time, so be sure to schedule accordingly.

Hit “Send Later” to queue up the notification.

What’s it cost?

Sending push notifications to your users is completely free on any WooToApp plan. You can even do it with the free demo to devices that have loaded up your store profile. Other services charge you per thousands messages or a flat additional price per month for push notifications.

If you want to try out WooToApp, fill out this super short form to see your store inside our demo native app.

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