Using our WooCommerce mobile app builder

Mobile devices are taking over the world, and native apps are coming along with them. So what’s that got to do with your small ecommerce team who’s just trying to stay up to date?
We’ve created a WooCommerce mobile app builder that’s designed to work with you and create a native app for your ecommerce store.

Who is WooToApp designed for?

Solo store owners or small teams who run an ecommerce store will love our WooCommerce mobile app builder.

  • Your business doesn’t have the budget to spend $100k+ on a native app, and a mobile app builder suits your budget.
  • Your store traffic is large enough and your analytics data suggests enough mobile users that some of your customers will definitely use the mobile app.
  • You’d like a personalised app built and released on the App Store and Google Play sooner rather than later.

Who is it not designed for?

It’s important to point out that WooToApp isn’t for everybody. Some teams will be too large to use our mobile app builder and have too specific requirements. While we’re happy to build anything you need into the app, there comes a customization point where you should head to an agency for a quote.

Our rough number that we throw around is if you’ve been quoted <$100k for a native app, you receive between 5 and 150 orders per day, and you need an app built quick, we should be right in the sweet spot for you! If you’re turning over 500 orders a day, have $2-300k to burn on an app and you’ve got 6 months to wait… Better call an agency 🙂

Why should I use the mobile app builder?

Firstly, because you’re looking for a native app for your ecommerce store!
Secondly, because it takes only 5 minutes to get up and running and see what you think. We’ve got a super slick onboarding process so you can receive your personalised mobile app download in minutes.

How to use the WooCommerce Mobile App Builder

Getting up and running with the Mobile App Builder is a very simple process, breaking down to:

  • Fill out a 2 step form entering your details (It’s called Build My App – here)
  • We’ll send you a special personalised email with a link to download your customised app

    Fill out step 1 of the WooCommerce mobile app builder.

  • You install the WooToApp WordPress Plugin and continue to customize the mobile app.
  • That’s it! Enjoy your new mobile app. When you’re ready to publish to the app stores and personalise your home screen icon and loading screens, get in touch with us. We’ll get more info about your store (marketing copy, mostly) and work together with you to get you published ASAP. It usually takes about 5 days for App Store final approval.

Question: Does it build truly native apps?

Answer: YES. There’s a few competing platforms out there that you should evaluate for your business. Make a list of what you’re looking for in an app, then check them all out and see which suits your needs the best. A few of these providers do not create truly native apps. Their platforms instead wrap up your existing store HTML into an empty wrapper application (this is called ‘webview based’).

So why should you care? Building a native app for your ecommerce store is a financial investment and a branding investment. You’re putting the image of your store on the line. It’s a chance to level up in the eyes of your customer and bring a new level of professionalism.

Using a webview based app means that your customer has just downloaded and installed your app and opened it to find.. The same website they were just on. Native apps are faster, intuitively designed and mobile first for your customer. Do it properly and make it a native app the first time.

Our WooCommerce mobile app builder exclusively generates native mobile apps connected to your store via WooCommerce API only. The only webviews in the app are those that load content pages from your site (such as your ‘Returns Policy’). Your customers will notice the difference!

Say YES to Native Apps.

What does the woocommerce mobile app builder do?

We’ve built out a detailed plugin that updates your native app in real-time. This means you can configure colors, styles, text and other parameters in real time through the plugin. A simple pull-to-refresh completely updates the mobile app with your new parameters.

The app builder allows customising the sidebar of the app, so you can include other content pages that will be relevant to your app users. We suggest Shipping Information, Returns Information,  Terms of Use. There’s no long setup here, you just enter a title and link to an existing page on your website.

Once you’re all set up (even in the free demo!) you can even send push notifications to installed devices, and share the woocommerce native app with other users.

The WooCommerce mobile app builder will automatically detect support payment gateways in use on your site and enable them in the app, such as Paypal and Afterpay.

Where can I see an app built with the WooToApp WooCommerce mobile app builder?

Head to the App Store or Play Store and download “WooToApp”. It’ll load up our full demo store including products, categories, and checkout flow.

Feel free to spend some time adding to a cart, creating an account, and checking out.

If you’re keen to see a real app, take a look at one of our customers. Search “Pioneer Gear” on the App Store/Play Store.

At any time you can hit our Build My App page to generate your own personalised mobile app download to see what your store looks like as a mobile app too. Try it out now, it only takes 5 minutes. You’ll get a real kick out of seeing your ecommerce store as a real life native app.

Once you’re ready to publish, let us know! We’ll get some marketing information from you and start preparing your mobile app for the app store.

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