What’s the difference between the demo and a live WooToApp mobile app?

The WooToApp demo is a way to publish your WooCommerce store as a mobile app for free. You can fully configure the store and try the whole pipeline without any commitment.

To make the demo easy and fast to use, we have to cut out significant functionality.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the features missing from the demo app:

  • The demo app loads your store data every time it’s opened.
    The production app has your store data embedded in the source code, cutting out a server roundtrip and increasing speed.
  • The demo app allows users to create/change the app to suit other WooCommerce stores.
    The production app does not have this functionality, making it 100% yours.
  • The demo app does not have fine grained analytics for you to review.
    The production app has detailed analytics.
  • The demo app will not appear on the Play Store, App Store, mobile device home screens with your logo and full branding.
    The production app will be fully branded to your business and does not mention WooToApp at all.
  • The demo app does not have any custom functionality or features.
    Production apps can have custom features added like third party payment gateways, integration of plugin functionality and custom code on your website.

  • The demo app cannot be distributed to your users.
    The production app is available on both major app stores, and the WooToApp plugin on your website will let your users know there’s an app available to use!

  • Push notifications are restricted in the demo app.
    The production app has a full push notification dashboard built in, ready to market to your customers at any time. Push notifications have your logo, message (including emojis!) and link to the page in the mobile app you need.

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