A useful Cart Abandonment plugin

Cart abandonment is a low hanging fruit for a growing ecommerce business. Anywhere from 10-70% of your customers who add an item to their cart will ultimately move on from your site, never to return.

Why is cart abandonment a problem?

Customers are hunting for the best price, or currently cooking dinner, or browsing while watching TV before bed. How often do you look up that item you’re definitely going to buy, realise you don’t have your wallet with you, and close the tab – just to buy another day?

It can take me weeks to ultimately get around to making a purchase on an item I 100% intend to buy.

What can you do?

As the owner of an ecommerce store, you can target these prospects and ask them if they’d like to finish their transaction or if anything went wrong. Most cart abandonment solutions consider a cart abandoned when a user has visited the checkout page, entered their email, and not completed a purchase.

Having an email address tells you this person intended to buy, and something went very wrong.

We’ve recently integrated Cart Rebound into WooToApp. Cart Rebound is a cart abandonment tool for WooCommerce that comes set up, out of the box, ready to email your customers and ask if they’d like to finish their purchase. You don’t need to come up with the email text, or the re-email timeframes, or integrate your platform API code. Just connect it up with an ID and a key and you’re on your way.

A sample email from CartRebound
A sample email from CartRebound – a free Cart Abandonment tool.

CartRebound is completely free to use, so you should try it out on your store and recover some lost sales.


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