Fully featured TMStore Alternative: WooToApp Native Apps

TMStore have announced they are shutting down their native app builder available at https://www.thetmstore.com/. WooToApp is a fully featured TMStore alternative that is free to build your own app and evaluate on your own terms.

WooToApp is a TMStore alternative..

Why is TMStore shutting down?

TMStore mention the business model is not scalable and the maintenance cost is prohibitively high. This is an important reason why your mobile app supplier should be on a retained subscription or contracted services agreement. They’re incentivised to keep helping and keep improving the platform.

A one off purchase of TMStore makes it a very difficult business case for them to keep improving the product. WooToApp is and will always be a subscription platform which means we have to win your business every month and keep proving that we’re making your business money. Your mobile app platform is safer and more reliable because we’re all putting dinner on the table.

The TMStore Alternative

Give WooToApp a try and see that we’re a fully featured TMStore alternative. Install the plugin, link it to your app, and see everything we have to offer for you. When you’re happy that WooToApp is your provider of choice, start a subscription and we’ll get you submitted to the App Store and Google Play.

How to find our WooCommerce Native App builder

In the WordPress plugin directory, Search for WooToApp and start setting up our plugin to get started. We’re on the app store, play store and the WordPress plugin directory. We actively work with our customer stores to ensure all the functionality they need is in and ready. The app is skinnable and customisable, and features a full marketing suite for your team.

If you’re not sure about trying us out yet, consider joining our mailing list so we can keep in touch and keep you informed about WooToApp in the future.

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