Setting the color scheme of your mobile app

Once you’ve got WooToApp up and running, and the plugin installed, it’s time to set up the colors of your app.

There’s 22 customisable colors and counting – below is a detailed list.

1. Main Background Color
2. Main Fore Color
3. Inactive Background Color
4. Header Color
5. Control Background Color
6. Control Border Color
7. Control Color
8. Header Background Color
9. Header Fore Color
10. Subtle Fore Color
11. Bright Fore Color
12. Button Primary Background Color
13. Button Primary Color
14. Nav Background Color
15. Nav Active Foreground Color
16. Nav Inactive Foreground Color
17. Hyperlink
18. Drawer Auth Background Color
19. Drawer Auth Color
20. Drawer Background Color
21. Drawer Border Color
22. Drawer Color

Here’s some annotated screenshots that show the actual location inside the app of these colours:

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