Payments – Afterpay now available on native app.

We’ve got some big news about Afterpay this week – Australia’s payments revolution is now available in your native mobile app on the WooToApp platform! It’s available from today for all WooCommerce store owners who release a native app (as well as existing customers).

Afterpay is currently available in Australia, New Zealand, and has recently started rolling out in USA.

How does afterpay work in the native app?

If Afterpay is enabled on your WooCommerce store, customers will automatically see a breakdown of the payment amount when browsing your native app. For example, a $30.00 item will display “Or 4 payments of $7.50” to encourage your user to add to cart.

When checking out, your customer will see Afterpay as an available payment method. If they select it and continue, we’ll display the payment window seamlessly for them to checkout. It’s a perfectly smooth process, nice and polished for the end user.

How do I set up afterpay?

You’ll need an active merchant account with afterpay already, activated and tested on your ecommerce store.

You’ll also need WooToApp. The good news is installing WooToApp on your store is easy.

Search the WordPress plugin repository for WooToApp, install and configure and you’re on your way. It takes about 2 minutes of your time from first searching to opening the special demo app on your mobile device. You can follow the instructions here for a more detailed run down.

How much does it cost  to integrate afterpay in the native app?

The integration is free for users of the WooToApp platform – you’ll just pay the regular merchant fees you usually pay Afterpay to accept payments with them, no extra.

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