New in the app builder: Interactive color picker

We regularly make small updates to  WooToApp so your life is easier. Today, we’re announcing the live color picker. The mobile app builder interface features a styles tab, where you choose your mobile app color scheme.

Now, you can view your progress in real time using the on screen demo app. Check out the gif below to see what we mean.

Here, we update the navigation bar to feature white text on black background, instead of black text on yellow background. You can see that changing the color scheme of your whole app takes just a few minutes.

The color picker for our mobile app builder.

Once you’re happy with the color scheme you’ve chosen in the app builder, simply hit ‘Save Changes’ to update your live mobile app in real time. It couldn’t be easier.

Soon, we’ll feature a few easy to load pre-configured color schemes to get you up and running even quicker.

To get started with the woocommerce app builder, simply install the app builder plugin to your store using our simple guide and visit WooCommerce > Settings > WooToApp > Styling & Branding. WooToApp is free to use, and we only ask for payment when you’re ready to publish your app to the app stores.

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