Localising: showing your native app in different languages.

We’ve got some great news! Multiple language support is coming to WooToApp.

Multiple language support in WooToApp

For customers who sell in non-English markets, your customers will automatically see WooToApp apps in the same language their device is configured to show. We’ve rolled this out for French, English, German, Chinese (Simplified) and Arabic.

If you need a language we don’t support yet let us know so we can get the translations set up for you!

Facts about internationalisation.

  • Categories, product names and descriptions will show in the language they are served from your website.
  • Interface components (buttons, notifications, menus, modals, placeholders) will all display in the locale the user has configured
  • Additional languages are easily added. Just ask us.

Here’s a language heavy screen rendered in a few languages to show off what we mean:

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