Creating your own WooCommerce mobile app: Why it’s important

WooCommerce is an e-commerce platform built for WordPress. It’s the most popular solution on the market for fully functional, secure, extendable online stores, built to run inside WordPress. It is the most cost-effective way to present an e-commerce store to your customers. There’s thousands of free plugins available for your store, including WooToApp, our WooCommerce mobile app solution.

With WooCommerce, you simply need to build a WordPress site and install this platform into your existing WordPress installation, and you are ready to go. Once the installation is complete, you can add products, manage your inventory, set the payment gateway, and ship the products through your e-commerce store.

Why it's important to create your own WooCommerce Mobile App

Turning Your WordPress Online Store Into A Mobile App

If you have established an e-commerce store with WooCommerce, you can manage all the business transactions that you have from the WooCommerce dashboard. People can visit your website and buy your products from there.

But, you can also build an Android/iOS application based on your online store to make it possible for people to buy your products on the go.
There are many tools that you can use to turn your WooCommerce online store into a mobile app, and usually, these tools are easy to use.

You can also get the Android/iOS installation for your store without doing any tweaking. For instance, the online tool like Reactor from AppPresser and TMStore can be used to host your mobile e-commerce app and convert your WooCommerce site into a mobile app in just a few simple steps. Give ours a try here.

The Benefits Of Having A WooCommerce Mobile App For Your Business

Having your own e-commerce app will help you to expand your business further. First of all, it will give your audience the ability to purchase your products on the go just by opening your mobile application.

Moreover, it gives them more convenience in browsing the products that you have via their smartphones/tablets, as well as going through the entire transaction process.

There are more advantages that you will have by creating an Android/iOS app for your WooCommerce store:

  • You can send push notifications to your mobile audience whenever you have special deals for them.
  • You can synchronize all the product and transaction data between the mobile app and your main WooCommerce platform on WordPress in real time.
  • From the mobile app, customers can easily order your products and view the progress of their order until their ordered products are delivered.
  • You can expand your audience and engage them in a variety of new methods using the mobile platform.
  • You can also run ads for your Android/iOS app and lead the potential customers to install your app directly from the app store.

Increase Sales And Easier Management With WooCommerce Mobile App

The availability of your WooCommerce mobile app can add more convenience for your customers both to find more information about your products and do business with you.

Instead of accessing your website from the desktop or laptop computers, they can simply install your mobile app on their smartphone and tablet and make transactions on the go. Ultimately, the addition of a mobile application for your e-commerce store will help to increase sales for your business.

Moreover, with the integration to the main WooCommerce platform, your mobile app can be used for easier management of your online store. All sales that you get both in the main website and the mobile app will sync in real time, making it easier for you to keep your product information up to date for your customers.

Create your WooCommerce mobile app risk free.

We’re WooToApp – our app is free to use, configure and share. Build your app here and see what we’re talking about.

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