Creating a Facebook App – Tutorial (for facebook signin)

WooToApp allows your users to sign in with facebook, to make checkout faster and easier. Ultimately, creating the Facebook App will lead to increased mobile sales.

Note: “Facebook App” is really just an identifier that facebook uses. It’s not a real app, and requires no work after this initial setup.

If you get stuck on this step, email us at [email protected] and we’ll help out. We can do this for you.


Creating a Facebook App – Tutorial

Here’s a quick guide to creating a Facebook App so your users can sign in with their facebook account.

  1. Visit and hit “Add a New App”.
    (Facebook may ask you to create a developer account first if you’ve never done this before)

    Choose "Add a new App"

  2. Name your app, and enter an appropriate contact email. Hit “Create App ID”

    Name your Facebook App

  3. Select “Facebook Login” to configure the facebook login parameters.

    Select "Facebook Login"

  4. (Take note of the Facebook App ID – we’ll need this!)

    (Take note of the App ID)

  5. Configure the app settings. This includes uploading a nice icon, linking your terms of service and
    privacy policy if you have them, and choosing a category. Your customers will see this icon when they
    attempt to sign in with Facebook. Your category is almost definitely shopping!

    Configure the app, including uploading a nice logo.

  6. Click “Add Platform” as highlighted in the screenshot above. First, Add iOS.
  7. The only configuration needed for iOS is to add “host.exp.Exponent” Bundle ID.

    Paste in the config value to configure iOS login

  8. Click “Add Platform” again and add Android.

    Paste in these two key hashes (don’t try to type them!):


    Paste in these two keys to configure Android login

  9. That’s it! We’re done. Hit “Save Changes”. Don’t forget you need the Facebook App ID when you head back to the plugin to finish setup.
  10. If you’re setting this up for a WooToApp Facebook login, switch back to the WooToApp Settings now in your
    wp-admin dashboard and paste in your Facebook App ID. (Don’t have the plugin? get it here)


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