Convert your WooCommerce Store to a mobile app for free

We’ve built WooToApp from the ground up to be a native app platform for eCommerce stores. We’re please to announce that you can easily convert your WooCommerce Store to a mobile app for free.

PS: Want the Super quick instructions? Scroll to the bottom.

You’re welcome to adjust, configure, send push notifications, and install the mobile app as often as you’d like – we’ll only ask you to pay once you want us to publish your app on the App and Play Stores.

We’ve published an article here about the difference between the free native app and the paid version.

What do I need before I can convert my woocommerce store to a mobile app

To connect securely to your store, we require from the start that your site use SSL. It’s an ecommerce store – if you’re not concerned about the lack of security, do it for the extra sales. Customers demand HTTPS when they are expected to enter payment details, and WooToApp is no different.

Your site must use WooCommerce as the eCommerce framework. WooToApp currently only supports WooCommerce. We’ve concentrated on just WooCommerce to get the experience just right in our native app.

You must be willing to share API keys with us. We connect to your store via API, and we’ll need API keys for that. It only takes the click of a button, it’s super easy.

Also, it goes without saying you’ll need a fairly recent (< 5 years old) Android or Apple device with a connection to the internet!

How to convert my woocommerce store to a mobile app for free

Once you’re ready to convert your store to a mobile app, visit the WooToApp homepage and click “Build My App”. You can do this from a mobile device or a desktop PC and it only takes a few minutes.

Showing the "Build My App" button on WooToApp homepage

Once you’re on the app builder page, it’s time to tackle the hardest step. Enter your email address, store name, and store URL. Double check you’ve entered these correctly, it’s super important that the store URL is correct. Also, remember we require https:// so we can connect securely.

Fill in the 3 fields and hit 'Continue'.

OK, hardest step done. Hit ‘Continue’, so we can wrap this up and see your store as a native app. We’ll send you to a special link to request API access. If you agree, click through to the thankyou page.

Connect to the API

That’s it! We’ll send you an email with a special link to download the customised app on your phone.

The link will send you to the App or Play Store to download WooToApp, and the final installed app will be customised to connect to your store API.

Finishing up – you’ve got your free WooCommerce mobile app!

If you’ve finished installing the app and spent some time viewing your categories, opening your products, and generally tapping around.. It might be time to install the WooToApp plugin.

The plugin allows you to configure colour schemes, set up the welcome screen, attach your paypal payments address, and all the other finishing touches you need for your demo app.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the plugin, you can configure it by visiting WooCommerce > Settings > WooToApp. You’ll need to enter your Client ID and Secret Key that we email you during setup.

How do I share my free WooCommerce mobile app?

Having this great new branded mobile app is no good if you can’t test it on multiple devices, send it to your friends, and share it around the office for all to enjoy.

In the setup email we send you is a special link that can be re-used over and over to download and install the customised app. Make sure to share it around and get everyones opinion on your new native app.

This is also available inside the WooCommerce native app plugin.

Rolling out your WooCommerce mobile app worldwide

After you convert your WooCommerce store to a native app for free, you’re welcome to use the mobile app for as long as you like. We intend it to be useful while you decide if WooToApp is right for you, configure everything just right, and gather feedback from your team. However we won’t cut you off! Once you’re satisfied that WooToApp and your store are going to be a great combination, it’s time to bundle up your app properly and release it in the App Store and Google Play.

This step brings a whole bag of extra functionality to your mobile app that is missing or restricted in the demo app, such as:

  • Custom home screen icon and notification bar icon
  • Push notifications and scheduling
  • Detailed installation analytics and statistics
  • Deep Linking from your website to the mobile app
  • Regular security and maintenance app releases
  • Potential for additional custom development if required
  • Full, branded presence on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

Once you’re ready, we have a pricing and signup page available where you can choose the right plan for your business starting from $49/month. Depending on your requirements, we offer varying levels of support, feature sets, and maximum allowed SKU’s. We’re a subscription service, so for a low fee every month we guarantee regular software updates, security updates, new features and great support.


TL;DR: How to convert your WooCommerce store to a mobile app for free:

  1. Hit the big purple button at top right “Build My App”.
  2. Enter your email, store name, store URL.
  3. Approve the use of your API keys.
  4. Open the email we send you on your mobile device
  5. Download the app from the email.


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